Completing the handmade journal (ice cream cone box)

I made some painted papers to glue into the journal cover I made.  Once the painted papers were glued in and dried, I added some inspirational quotes I liked by gluing them onto the painted papers.


Handmade Journal using an ice cream cone box

Cover your box with painted papers.  I made my papers with my Gelli plate and also used stencils and a variety of acrylic paints.

Here is what it looks like once I covered  my box front and back with my painted papers.  I used a glue stick to cover the box.

Pages for inside of journal.




Ribbon Spool Mini Scrapbook


Love making mini spool scrapbooks for friends as gifts.  So much fun to make!  Attach mini photos you have of them or find some off their Facebook site.  Epson printer and photograph paper were used to make nice prints for the mini spool scrapbook.


Start off with empty ribbon spool.


Next,  paint with acrylic paint and seal with sealer.


Cover the top of the spool with decorative paper.  You can use a glue stick or Aleene’s tacky glue to attach the paper to the top of the spool.


Aleene’s tacky glue is great for this project!  Use it to add this flower to one side of the spool.


This ribbon below was made from some left over fabric.  Fold in the raw edges and glue them to the back side. (Let the fabric dry before gluing the pictures on the ribbon)  You don’t need a bunch of ribbon because you are going to glue the mini pictures to both sides of the ribbon, so it is going the make it bulky.  The one pictured is 24 inches long, but it doesn’t have to be that long if you would prefer to make it smaller.  Find some neat quotes you like for the person you are giving it to.  These can also be added to your project.

Once the ribbon has dried,  glue pictures to one side only.  (Let this dry real good before turning the ribbon over and gluing the rest of the pictures to the other side of the ribbon.)  Once both sides were good and dry,  proceed to the next step.


Finish off the raw edges at the ends of the ribbon with Tulip gold glitter paint.

Next, glue approximately 2 inches of the ribbon to the spool with Aleene’s tacky glue.  Once it is dry,  wrap the ribbon with the pictures around the spool and tie with a pretty ribbon.


Painted Rocks


Pick up some rocks and have some fun painting them!  Acrylic paints (Folk Art and Americana) were used to paint these rocks.  Scribbles 3D Paint was used to outline the hearts and to add marks on the rocks for some added texture.  Don’t forget to brush on some gloss glaze over your pretty rocks!